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Wyoming Valley PA Chapter 224

Located in Great Northeast of Pennsylvania from Carbondale, PA to Hazleton, PA

Its Official!


Chapter Officers
President - Ian Kellman, K3IK
Vice President - Bob Folmar, KB3VS
Secretary/Treasurer - W.T. Jones, WN3LIF
Director - Mike Benish, K3SAE
W3QCW Trustee - Bob Folmar, KB3VS

QCWA Chapter 17/224 Monday Night net
20:30 Hours Local Time
(That is 8:30PM for us normal folk)
Frequency: 3.960Mhz
(+ or - depending QRM)
"Pre Net" starts around 8:00PM
Net Control: W3SQ
All are welcome - No need to be a QCWA Member to join us

Next Meeting
Date: August 20, 2016 (3rd Saturday - Note the change)
Time: 1:00PM
(Click on Restaurant Name for Google Maps and Directions)
Location: Perkins Family Restaurtant 304 RT-315 Pittston, PA 18641
Talk-in: 146.46 (+1 Mhz Split, Tone 100)

Chapter Meeting - July 31, 2016
The July Meeting of QCWA Chapter 224 was called to order at 1:11PM by President Ian, K3IK. A quorum of members being present a business meeting was held.
1. Secretary/Treasurer WN3LIF reported that there had been no correspondence since the last meeting and the balance of the club treasury remains the same.
2. Old Business - The only old business was a discussion of the 443.600 repeater that the club voted to purchase from W3LR at the last meeting. Since that time N3VTH and N3FCK had made arrangements with W3LR to use the site for a new linked UHF repeater system. That made the purchase a non-issue and has been removed from the Chapter agenda.
3. New Business - K3IK led off with a comment about what can Chapter 224 do to make itself different and unique. Comments were solicited from the Members. Comments from the membership were:
KB3VS - start using the club call during contests.
K3SAE - Make sure to use different bands so that two or more stations are not using the same call on the same band.
WN3LIF - in response to a suggestion about QSL cards, it was suggested to use cheapqsl.com to purchase them.
K3SAE - The QCWA contests would be a good place for the club to participate. Need a listing for them.
4. Reimburse Chris Folmar for the certificate frame. S/T will send out a check.
5. Certificates for 60 years of Amateur Radio to K3IK and K2OZO. S/T will check on the QCWA Web site for either ordering or having them sent.
6. The August Meeting will conflict with the SSES Appreciation Day at Knoebels Amusement Park. It was moved by K2OZO to move the date to August 20th and seconded by KB3GB. Approved by voice vote. The S/T will make the arrangements with Perkins.
7. WN3LIF detailed the route changes for the Wilkes-Barre Triathlon. Most of the members will be participating as operators for the event.
8. Motion to adjourn was made by KB3VS and seconded by K2OZO. Approved by voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 1:46PM.
Attendees: WN3LIF, K3IK, Bryna(XYL of K3IK), KB3GB, K2OZO, K3SAE, KB3VS, Chris(XYL of KB3VS), WA3YZD, Pat(XYL of WA3YZD)
No pictures taken.
Chapter Meeting - June, 2016
No meeting held due to Field Day
Chapter Meeting - May 28, 2016
Quorum Not Present - No Business Meeting
Chapter Meeting - April 30, 2016

The April meeting of QCWA chapter 224 was called to order at 1:35 PM by Vice President Bob KB3VS. Due to the absence of the President and Secretary/ Treasurer I also recorded the minutes. No prior meeting minutes were read nor was there a treasurers report given.

Two errors were observed on our web page from the prior months and were brought to my attention. In the photos from the March meeting Linda WA3YZDís XYL is misidentified as Jan and in the left photograph from the January meeting Matt K2OZO (sitting at the end of the able) is not identified.

I confirmed that the application for change of trustee for the W3QCW call has been completed and mailed out.

Some discussion was made about the status of the 443.600 repeater. Don W3LR indicated that Ron N3VTH was going to take it off the air and return the repeater to him. This has not happened as yet. Don also indicated that the repeater will be put back on the air at the same site with a Master2 100W station and duplexer supplied by Ron N3VTH. There is still a question on the controller to be discussed between the QCWA and Ron N3VTH.

Action on the repeater itself, equipment to be used and call sign to be assigned will be tabled until our next meeting and after discussions with N3VTH as to his intentions.

After some discussion it was voted to hold our next meeting on Saturday May 28th. (Memorial Weekend)

A motion to adjourn was made by Don (W3LR), seconded by Jan (WB3BJL) at 1:50 PM

Those in attendance were: W3LR, WB3BJL, Karen (Janís friend), Linda (XYL of WA3YZD), WA3YZD, K2OZO, KB3BG, K3SAE, Chris (XYL of KB3VS) & KB3VS. No photos were taken.

Respectfully submitted, Bob KB3VS

Chapter Meeting - March 26, 2016
1. Meeting called to order at 13:44 by President W3LR. A quorum was present so the business meeting proceeded.
2. The Secretary/Treasurer's report was read by WN3LIF. No changes since the last meeting. K2OZO motioned that the report be accepted and it was seconded by KB3VS. Motion approved by voice vote of members present.
3. Old Business - none.
4. New President - W3LR informed the chapter that he would no longer be able to serve as our chapter president due to his relocation to 4-land.
Nominations for a new President were opened. K3IK was nominated and there being no other nominations for the office the nominating was closed by approval of the membership. K3IK was approved by a unanimous voice vote of the members.
Nominations for the Vice President's Office were opened. KB3VS was nominated and accepted. There being no further nominations the nomination period was closed. KB3VS was approved as Chapter Vice President on a unanimous voice vote of the members.
5. W3LR continued to lead the meeting as K3IK will assume the office at the next meeting.
6. The W3LR Repeater on 443.600 will be removed by W3LR but the antennas will be left. W3LR suggested that the Chapter sponsor a new repeater at that location. Contact should be made with N3VTH to accomplish this.
7. Discussion was made about compensating W3LR for the Antenna at the site. WN3LIF moved that the Chapter use treasury funds to do this. The motion was seconded by K2OZO. Motion approved on a voice vote. W3LR indicated he had no desire to drain the Chapter's funds and would discuss this with the officers before he departed.
(Secretary Note: Post meeting discussions appear to indicate that N3VTH will take over the W3LR site.)
8. Chapter Call W3QCW will need a new trustee. It was decided by the chapter officers that KB3VS will be the new trustee.
9. Good of the order - nothing mentioned at the time.
10. Motion to adjourn - KB3VS motioned, K3IK seconded. Meeting adjourned at 14:06L
march 2016

Chapter Meeting - February 27, 2016
No Quorum
Chapter Meeting - January 30, 2016
1. Meeting called to order at 13:29 by Vice President K3IK. A quorum was present so the business meeting proceeded.
2. The Secretary/Treasurer's report was read and approved. Balance remains the same in the treasury.
3. There was no old business to discuss.
4. New Business
Memorial for W3TDF was discussed. No resolution. More ideas to be discussed at the February Meeting
Recognition of WN3LIF by ARRL
WN3LIF discussed the changes to the web page to honor our Silent Key Friends. There may be future changes.
Discussion of the Monday Night QCWA Net.
End of New Business
Motion to adjourn was requested by Vice President, K3IK.
Motion made by KB3GB and seconded by KB3VS
Meeting adjourned at 13:41

January 2016 January 2016
Attendees - WN3LIF, Jan (XYL of WN3LIF), K3SAE, WA3YZD, Linda (XYL of WA3YZD), KB3GB, KB3VS, Chris (XYL of KB3VS), Bryna (XYL of K3IK), and K3IK

in memoriam
In Memoriam

(Click on our departed friends' picture for details)
Elmer Bush
It is with great sadness for me to report that my friend Elmer Bush, W3FVT passed away.
Elmer was a member of the DLARC as well as the Frankford Radio DX/Contest Club.
He also was a manager at Barker and Williamson. Elmer oversaw the ham radio end of
B & W as well as other duties.
Barry G. Kery, KU3X
W3TDF - Raymond P. 'Ray' Bilger
Ray Bilger
It is my sad duty to report that Ray Bilger / W3TDF became a Silent Key this morning, January 7, 2016, at 91 years of age.

Ray's operating and contest skills, salty humor and wit, as well as his decades of Membership in the Delaware-Lehigh Amateur Radio Club, The Quarter Century Wireless Association, The Radio Club Of America, and legendary record-breaking performances in the PAQSO Party, will be long remembered by hundreds of friends whose lives were improved for having known him.
With a heavy heart,
de Pete / NL7XM
(W3TDF was made an honorary full member of Chapter 224 in honor of his friendship and leadership.)
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